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Alan Titchmarsh

English Rose - bred by David Austin

Shrub Rose

Large, deeply cupped flowers with a delicious Old Rose scent
A beautiful variety with deep pink, many petalled, gracefully nodding blooms. Delicious, warm Old Rose fragrance. Tough and healthy.
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We offer a 12 month guarantee

We aim to supply roses of the highest quality. However, with living plants problems occasionally arise. If any roses are damaged on receipt, or if they fail to grow in the first 12 months, we will replace them free of charge. For more details about our guarantee, please contact our customer service team on 01902 376300.

Rose characteristics

  • Rose Type English Rose - bred by David Austin
  • Growth Type Shrub Rose
  • Sub Type English Leander Hybrid
  • Colour Deep pink
  • Fragrance Strength Very Strong Fragrance
  • Flowering Repeat Flowering
  • Disease Resistance Average
  • Height 4ft
  • Width 3ft
  • Breeder David Austin
  • Year of Introduction 2005
  • Appellation AUSJIVE
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Roses are easy to care for

  • Water until well established
  • Prune once in the winter
  • Feed twice, once in spring and once in summer

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find answers to the questions we’ve been asked many times in the past. If your question isn’t covered visit our dedicated FAQ’s page or contact one of our helpful rose experts.

What is the difference between a climber and a rambler?

Climbers generally have large blooms on not too vigorous, rather stiff growth and most repeat flower. Ramblers are in general, much more vigorous. They will produce great quantities of small flowers, although most do not repeat flower. There are exceptions to both these rules: for instance Malvern Hills and Snow Goose are repeat-flowering ramblers whereas Cecile Brunner Climbing is a once flowering climber with small flowers.

Most climbers are best for walls, trellises, arches, obelisks whereas ramblers are generally better for growing into trees and covering pergolas or large structures such as garages or sheds.

What’s the difference between a potted and a bare root rose? Which is best?

When ordering from us you have the choice of buying our roses as bare roots or in pots. Neither option is superior, it is simply a matter of personal choice. Whichever option you choose, your roses are guaranteed to bloom next summer – and for many summers to come.

Please note: ramblers, once flowering Old Roses and species roses all flower on mature wood and therefore may not flower in the first year after planting.


Availability period: November – May

Bare root roses are dormant plants, dug up from the field and shipped without soil. They are the ideal choice if you’re purchasing a large number of roses, as they are very lightweight and are therefore easier to handle in the garden.


Availability period: All Year

Potted roses are the very same roses as bare root roses. After each rose is dug up from the field, it is planted into a 6 litre pot, with our specially formulated planting mix. They are ideal for adding instant colour to the garden during the summer months, as well as making thoughtful gifts throughout the year.

Which roses can I grow in shade?

Please click here to see a list of roses that are ideal for growing in shade.

Which are the most fragrant roses?

Please click here to see a list of our most fragrant roses.

Take a closer look

Take a closer look

Detailed Description

The flowers start as rounded buds, held in small clusters. These gradually open to reveal quite large, rounded, deeply cupped flowers, with many petalled centres. The outer petals are pale pink, while the centre petals are a pleasing shade of deep, glowing pink. There is a delicious, soft and warm Old Rose fragrance with a hint of citrus. The leaves are red at the bud stage, soon turning glossy green. They typically have seven to nine leaflets. This is a beautiful rose of true Old Rose character with attractive, incurving petals, which brings to mind one of Redouté’s illustrations, ‘Rose du Bengale’. A tough, healthy variety with elegant, arching stems.

Growth Habit

Allow a few seasons for this rose to reach full maturity, when it will form an attractive, rounded shrub rather like ‘Golden Celebration’. If pruned lightly, it will grow quite tall and be suitable for the back of a border. Pruned harder it will be of medium height, so could be placed closer to the front of the border.

Origins of the name

Named after the well-loved English horticulturist, Alan Titchmarsh MBE, writer and broadcaster, who has been a great inspiration to gardeners for many years.

A Lifetime of Breeding Excellence

A Lifetime of Breeding Excellence

In the early 1950s David Austin set out to create a more beautiful rose. Sixty years on, this simple objective remains.

From a hobby breeder as a young teenager David Austin has gone on to breed a collection of roses renowned across the world.

  • Benjamin Britten

    Benjamin Britten

    English Rose - bred by David Austin
    Shrub Rose


  • Boscobel


    English Rose - bred by David Austin
    Shrub Rose


  • Gertrude Jekyll

    Gertrude Jekyll

    English Rose - bred by David Austin
    Shrub Rose


  • Jubilee Celebration

    Jubilee Celebration

    English Rose - bred by David Austin
    Shrub Rose


  • Gertrude Jekyll

    English Rose - bred by David Austin
    English Old Rose Hybrid


  • Gentle Hermione

    English Rose - bred by David Austin
    English Old Rose Hybrid