English Roses for Hedges
Roses are increasingly popular grown as spectacular flowering boundary hedges which can be pruned between 3 ft to over 7 ft in height. The English Roses are particularly effective choices, producing a succession of fragrant blooms. Here we recommended some of the best English Roses for hedging.
The Alnwick® Rose Hedging
We receive many requests for roses which are suitable for hedging. Many of the English Roses can be used to form luxurious boundary hedges.

Hedging roses should be planted from 18" to 3 feet apart, depending on the variety chosen - see the information below. The closer the roses are planted, the more quickly the hedge will fill out.

The Alnwick® Rose is shown here growing as a young hedge in David JC Austin's garden.

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Queen of Sweden is a rose of exceptional freshness and beauty. It will quickly form an attractive, bushy hedge, covered with medium sized, upright facing blooms.

The colour is the softest glowing pink with hints of apricot. There is a light myrrh fragrance.

This rose has attractive musk rose foliage that is exceptionally free of disease. It will form a hedge around 3.5 feet in height.

Here, a Queen of Sweden hedge can be seen in a beautiful English meadow. It is equally useful when used in more formal settings, for example, forming a boundary for the garden.

Plant 2 ft apart.

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Queen Of Sweden
Harlow Carr
Harlow Carr is ideal for creating a shorter, bushy hedge of between 3 and 4.5 ft high. Although the overall effect is of prettiness and cottage garden charm, this variety is also very tough and reliable.

The perfectly formed, medium sized rosettes of pure rose pink have a wonderful, strong old rose fragrance.

We recommend that you dead-head Harlow Carr after each flush of flowers as this will encourage this variety to repeat flower more quickly and abundantly.

Use Harlow Carr hedging to beautifully edge a path, or to add color and interest to part of the garden as shown here.

Plant 1.5 - 2 feet apart.

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The Alnwick® Rose
The Alnwick Rose has bushy, upright growth. It stays reasonably compact and repeat flowers very well. There is a good old rose fragrance with hints of raspberry.

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Crocus Rose
An exceptionally vigorous, robust and free flowering variety which forms an elegant, bushy hedge. Produces sprays of beautiful, creamy-white, rosette-shaped flowers. Graceful, arching habit.

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Molineux flowers with exceptional freedom and continuity, producing yellow rosettes with a musky tea rose scent. It has even, upright growth and is very healthy.

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Sophy's Rose
This variety has excellent short, bushy growth and is extremely healthy. It flowers very freely and produces attractive light red rosettes with a tea rose scent.

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Many beautiful fragrant rosettes. Even upright growth. Will form a superb, healthy hedge.

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29 August 2014