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Featured Rose Advice

How To Deadhead Roses

There are two stages to deadheading. The first is mainly aesthetic, removing the brown finished blooms so you can enjoy the remaining flowers without interruption. The second stage encourages new blooms and helps to maintain a compact shape.

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Rose Advice

  • How To Feed A Rose

    Feeding provides your rose with key nutrients to keep it healthy, allowing it to produce better blooms and resist pests and disease.

  • Mulching Roses

    Mulching is the addition of a protective layer around the base of your roses. This process helps your roses to retain moisture, suppresses weeds and provides valuable nutrients for your roses as they grow.

  • How to Prune An Established Climbing Rose

    Pruning is arguably the most important job you can do for your roses. It gives your rose shape, structure and encourages new blooms for the season ahead. In this video, our Head Gardener, Steve, will show you how to prune an established climbing rose. When we use the term ‘established’ we mean a rose that has flowered for two or more years.

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