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How To Feed A Rose

Feeding your roses twice a year will encourage strong, healthy growth and abundant flowering. It’s a relatively quick and simple task, yet is one of the most beneficial jobs you can do to ensure that your roses are at their most healthy and floriferous when summer arrives.


1st feed – In late March/early April, just before the leaves are fully open. Follow immediately with mulching.

2nd feed* – In early July, after the first flush of flowers, to encourage repeat-flowering.

Note: *Once flowering roses only require one feed per season, first feed in March/early April.



Step 1

Firstly, ensuring you are wearing your gloves, use your hand fork to remove weeds, leaves and other debris from the base of your rose.

Step 2

Next, use the pre-measured scoop – our new, handy addition to your rose food pouch – to apply a 30g serving of David Austin Rose Food to the base of your rose. If you are feeding your climbing rose then use a 60g scoop per rose. Spread the food evenly around the base of the rose, to the width of the canopy.

Gardener’s Tip: Do not be tempted to over-feed – this will, in fact, do more harm than good.

Step 3

Work the rose food gently into the top soil using your hand fork.

Step 4

In the final step, depending on the conditions, it may be necessary to water your rose at this point.

It is important to follow the feeding of your rose with mulching. Watch Steve on the link below; giving you all of the tips you need to successfully mulch your roses.

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