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Rose Hedges

Rose Hedges

Roses are increasingly popular grown as spectacular flowering hedges which can be pruned between 2½ft to over 6ft in height. As well as providing a valuable feature within the garden they are also useful for dividing one part of the garden from another. To achieve a nice dense hedge, plant your bushes closely: not more than 18” apart. Hedges of David Austin’s English Roses are particularly valuable. Unlike most other hedges they will repeat flower prolifically, producing flushes of glorious, fragrant blooms throughout the summer until the first frosts. Other roses we recommend for hedging are the more compact Gallicas, Albas and modern shrub roses. Roses can also be used to create impenetrable barrier hedges which act as a deterrent to intruders. Most species roses make excellent thorny barriers, as well as some of the thorny English Rose varieties.

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