David Austin® Roses cultivates community growth with £10,000 donation to Grow to Know following the launch of new English rose of Dannahue® named after garden designer and BBC presenter Danny Clarke.

David Austin, the renowned breeder of English roses, proudly announces a significant £10,000 donation to Grow to Know, a West London-based community of guerrilla gardeners founded in the aftermath of the Grenfell Tower fire in 2017. This charitable contribution is a testament to the breeder’s commitment to fostering inclusivity in the horticultural scene and supporting initiatives that reconnect people with nature and one another.

This generous contribution follows the unveiling of the new rose for 2023, Dannahue® (Ausa6b15), at the prestigious RHS Chelsea Flower Show in May. Dannahue®, a captivating apricot, fruity-scented English rose, named after the birth-name of Danny Clarke, The Black Gardener and Grow to Know’s Director of Gardens. This rose marks the culmination of a remarkable 12-year breeding programme by David Austin Roses and the company’s dedication to diversity and unity in the world of gardening.

Under the vision of Founding Director Tayshan Hayden-Smith and Danny Clarke, emerged Grow to Know as a healing force following the tragic events of the Grenfell Tower fire. This resilient community of guerrilla gardeners has been actively engaged in transforming spaces and fostering a sense of community through their shared love for horticulture.

Speaking on the donation and the newly introduced Dannahue® rose, David Austin, CEO, expressed “At David Austin Roses, we believe in the power of nature to heal and unite communities. Grow to Know’s dedication to creating a more inclusive and nurturing environment aligns seamlessly with our values. We are honoured to contribute £10,000 to support their initiatives and that our Dannahue® rose acts as a symbol of unity and diversity within the world of gardening.”

Danny Clarke of Grow to Know expressed gratitude for the generous donation, stating, “We are deeply thankful to David Austin Roses for their support. This donation will enable us to expand our community projects and continue our mission of fostering healing through gardening.”

David Austin Roses looks forward to a flourishing partnership with Grow to Know, contributing to the growth of a more inclusive and connected gardening community.


Dannahue is a rose full of character, perfectly suited
for thriving in containers, against walls or fences, and in shadier areas. Its versatility makes it an ideal choice for city dwellers, modern living, and cottage gardens alike. This exceptional rose, introduced after 12 years of meticulous breeding, showcases the commitment of David Austin Roses to bringing beauty and charm to gardens around the world.



Rooted in activism, the initial seeds of hope and healing found fertile ground in the aftermath of the Grenfell Tower fire on June 14, 2017, a tragic event that claimed the lives of 72 innocent individuals due to a preventable disaster that reverberated worldwide. Tayshan, born and raised in Ladbroke Grove, instinctively embraced guerrilla gardening as a form of activism. What emerged was not just a garden but a classroom, a therapeutic space, and a vibrant oasis of life - imbued with lessons of community, connectivity, culture, and collaboration.

Grow to Know, founded in 2020, is a not-for-profit multidisciplinary collective, committed to cultivating change by offering creative and cultural access to nature, through impact-driven collaborations and campaigns, addressing environmental and social challenges.