It has been over half a century since David Austin introduced Shropshire Lass in 1968. An unusual cross between an Alba rose and a Hybrid Tea; it is a very important rose within our collection as not only was it one of the first climbing roses he bred, it is also the rose that all our English Alba Hybrids descend from.

It remains to this day one of our tallest climbers and has lovely large, single, blush white flowers which gradually fade to white, each one with a prominent bunch of stamens. A simple and elegant rose, with a delicious myrrh fragrance, it flowers only once, producing a magnificent display in early summer and bearing many orange-red hips in autumn.

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At a glance...

Colour: Blush white

Flowering: Once

Fragrance: Medium-strong, myrrh

Size: Up to 15ft (4.5m)

Breeder: David Austin, 1968

Family: English Alba Hybrid

Named after Mr. Austin’s beloved Shropshire, home to David Austin Roses. We recommend growing it up the side of a building or wall along with a late flowering clematis to extend the season of colour in your garden.

Large, single flowers in early summer, followed by hips

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