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Gabriel Oak®
Nye Bevan®
Eustacia Vye®
Emily Brontë®
Silas Marner®
The Country Parson®
Scepter'd Isle
The Lark Ascending®
Gertrude Jekyll®
Olivia Rose Austin®
Princess Anne®
Harlow Carr
Mary Delany®
Malvern Hills
Kew Gardens®
Claire Austin®
Roald Dahl®
Vanessa Bell®
The Generous Gardener
Lady of Shalott®
Francis E. Lester
Susan Williams-Ellis®
James L. Austin®
Paul’s Himalayan Musk
Phyllis Bide
Adélaïde d'Orléans
Rambling Rector
Ghislaine de Féligonde
Scarborough Fair
Princess Alexandra of Kent®
The Mayflower
The Lady of the Lake
Dame Judi Dench®
William and Catherine
Gertrude Jekyll®
Charles Darwin
The Poet's Wife®
Paul Noël
Bobbie James
Lichfield Angel®
England's Rose
Open Arms
Wedding Day