With so many plants to choose from, why are roses among one of the best plants you can choose for your garden?

unrivalled diversity of colour, size and shape

Roses are the most diverse plant family imaginable, coming in many different flower forms, colours and sizes. Ranging in height from just a foot (30cm) to 6ft (18m), there is a variety to suit almost every garden situation.

exceptionally long, abundant flowering season

Roses flower more profusely than almost any other garden plant. The best-performing varieties repeat flower providing an abundance of colourful, and often beautifully fragrant, blooms.

Roses have a classic beauty, complementing traditional and contemporary garden alike. Many varieties have the added virtues of being wonderfully fragrant and naturally repeat-flowering, and, as a group, outperform virtually all other flowering plants. Once happily established, they are a real source of pleasure, bringing colour and fragrance to your garden year after year. 

wide range of fragrance types and strengths

Many roses have a captivating fragrance, which is integral to their beauty. Fragrances vary greatly, from the classic Old Rose scent to the fruity, Tea, myrrh, musky - or any mixture of these elements. Some fragrances are powerful and heady, whilst others are much more subtle.

able to survive in tough conditions

Unlike many other garden plants, roses are very tolerant. They can grow in a range of different soil types, in diverse conditions. They are great survivors, often thriving even when the conditions are deemed extreme, although happiest in a sunny spot, many varieties cope well in shade.

beautiful in every way

Roses have an incredible beauty that sets them apart from all other flowers. Varying from delicate single flowers to large, many petalled rosette blooms, they come in a myriad of colours, ranging from deep, velvety crimsons to rich pinks, apricots and yellows, through to pure white and all the soft pastel shades between.

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Mulching your roses is a task highly recommended by our rose experts. Taking the time to mulch in spring will help to retain soil moisture, suppress weeds and provide nutrients.

how to feed roses

Feeding your roses is essential if you want to get the very best from your garden. Feeding roses will ensure that they bring you plentiful blooms and remain strong and healthy.

Planting Pathways with Pink Roses

It should always be a joy to walk through your garden, and a certain way to achieve this is to flank your paths with a glorious array of pink roses.

Get The Look With White English Roses

The epitome of versatility, it has a unique ability to sit equally at ease in a contemporary setting or against a traditional backdrop.