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Roses are among one of the most versatile garden plants. Easy to care for, with a long flowering season they can make a great addition to any outdoor space.

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Planting with

Pink roses

Pink is the colour we most associate with roses. Shades range from softest blush pink, to pure rose pink, right through to bright magenta pink. Simply by planting with different combinations of pink roses you can create a myriad of styles.

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Desdemona® (Auskindling) Private Garden, Hertfordshire
Desdemona® (Auskindling) Private Garden, Hertfordshire

Endless White

White by its very nature is simple, elegant, timeless and uncomplicated. The epitome of versatility, it has a unique ability to sit equally at ease in a contemporary setting or against a traditional backdrop. Soft, unshowy yet unquestionably impactful, go for a breathtaking statement of simplicity by planting large areas in swathes of white.




For a truly wonderful day out, visit our award-winning Rose Gardens and enjoy a stroll amongst the blooms.

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