Let nature lend a helping hand in caring for your roses by planting alongside them flowers and herbs which look out for one another. Companion planting will not only add year round colour and interest it will attract insects that in turn deter pests and help to prevent disease.

A few faithful friends

gertrude jekyll with lavender


Can help to repel nibbling deer and rabbits but attracts pollinating bees
Helps protect roses from pests like aphids
Asks for little fuss and water

olivia rose austin with foxgloves


Complements roses with its tall spires
Creates impact in borders, especially along pathways
Thrives in a range of conditions

the poet's wife (Auswhirl)
the poet's wife (Auswhirl)


Attracts a wide range of pollinators and other insects
A wonderful array of textures and tones
Requires extra attention during colder temperatures
A broad genus of plants, including herbs such as common sage and rosemary

Kew Gardens (Ausfence) with purple alliums
Kew Gardens (Ausfence) with purple alliums


Offers contrasting structure against delicate rose heads
Emits a strong scent that can ward off aphids and other pests
Helps to prevent black spot from appearing on roses

Queen of Sweden (Austiger)
Queen of Sweden (Austiger)

How to use

Companion plants

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