Rose Care Advice & Inspiration

Roses are easy to grow and are remarkably tolerant. However, with a little extra care and attention your roses will really thrive. Follow the rose care advice guides created by our rose experts to help you look after your rose plants or be inspired by our show gardens and articles on how to best use roses within your garden.

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early summer ROSE CARE

Essential tasks for caring for your roses.

How to deadhead a rose

There are two stages to deadheading. The first is mainly aesthetic, removing the brown finished blooms so you can enjoy the remaining flowers without interruption. The second stage encourages new blooms and helps to maintain a compact shape.

Guide to watering

Water every other week throughout the summer months. Recently planted roses will need watering twice a week to help them establish. Roses in pots and containers will need watering every other day.

Roses are among one of the most versatile garden plants.Easy to care for, with a long flowering season they can make a great addition to any outdoor space.

Latest garden inspiration

How to create a two plant cottage garden

Never underestimate simplicity in the garden. This stunning combination provides an easy up-keep option without sacrificing any beauty.

How to combine roses with silver toned foliage

Discover how silver toned foliage can add depth to a border whilst keeping the colour scheme simple.

How to create a cottage garden rose pathway

The perfectly imperfect cottage garden is coveted for many reasons. Discover how to achieve this quintessentially English look.

How to encourage a happy garden and healthy roses

Discover how to plant roses which attract pollinators and encourage a healthy garden eco-system.

latest shrub rose advice

How to feed a rose

Feeding your roses twice a year will encourage strong, healthy growth and abundant flowering.

how to deadhead a rose

Deadheading is the removal of finished blooms in order to encourage further blooms and improve the appearance and shape of the rose.

How to plant a potted shrub rose

By following these simple steps, you will ensure your potted shrub rose gets off to the best possible start.

How to combine shades of purple roses

Shades of purple when combined together can create a garden of grandeur and majesty.

latest climbing & rambling rose advice

training and tying-in roses

Training a climbing or rambling rose allows you to direct the growth of your roses for even coverage.

Create a cottage look with climbing roses

The façade of a house should not be forgotten as it provides a unique opportunity to change the style of your home, simply by adding flowers.

Climbers on walls

By training a fabulous, fragrant climbing or rambling rose up a wall or or fence, you can convert a dull, even unsightly area into one of the most stunning features in your garden.

Planting a potted climbing rose

By following these simple steps, you will ensure your potted climbing rose gets off to the best possible start.