R. SINOWILSONII - No longer stocked

We no longer sell R. sinowilsonii however, our rose experts have hand-picked an alternative rose that has many similar characteristics. If you would prefer to speak to us please use our Live Chat button or visit our Contact Us page.

R. sinowilsonii

Rambling Rose

Caution: Exceptionally tall

Colour: White
Flowering: Once Flowering
Fragrance: Medium, Musk
Size: Very Tall Rambler 25ft (25m) 0ft (0cm)
Bloom Size: Small
Year of Introduction: 1899

Admired for its magnificent foliage. The leaves are very large and a dark glossy green. They are deeply corrugated, tinted with purple beneath, and have seven leaflets. The small white flowers are borne in small sprays. Tender growth.

R. sinowilsonii