Forever part of our history, these roses have paved the way for many more roses to come.

In the late 1940s, David C H Austin set out on his quest to breed the most beautiful and healthy roses; a vision that continues to remain at the heart of our business today, more than 80 years later. This vision drives our continuing assessment of rose varieties in the current collection to ensure they reach our exacting standards and expectations. Due to climatic changes and the evolution of plant diseases, some historical varieties will no longer reach our increasingly high standards. It is in these instances that we must retire the rose to ensure customers receive only the best roses that will thrive and deliver the most enjoyable customer experience, regardless of gardening expertise. As a result of our review process, Sir Walter Scott is now retired from our English Rose Collection but will always remain part of our history, paving the way for many more new roses to come, creating the next generation of roses.

If you love Sir Walter Scott, we have some great alternatives, which we are sure will endear themselves to you, bringing you much happiness and gardening enjoyment for years to come.

Sir Walter Scott

(Ausfalcon) English Shrub Rose Bred By David Austin
Colour: Mid pink
Flowering: Repeat Flowering
Fragrance: Strong, Old Rose
Size: Small Shrub 2 1/2ft (80cm) 2 1/2ft (80cm)
Bloom Size: Small
Breeder: David Austin
Year of Introduction: 2015

Exceedingly pretty, little, rosette flowers of rich pink, paling over time, with a strong Old Rose fragrance. Each bloom's many pointed petals are arranged around a button eye.

Sir Walter Scott