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Rose & Garden Accessories

Rose & Garden Accessories

Roses are easy to grow, long-living, and remarkably tolerant. However, a little extra care and attention will go a long way - the better your roses are grown, the more healthy and disease resistant they will be. Here we recommend a few products which will help your roses thrive.


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  1. Standard Tree Rose Tie

    Standard Tree Rose Tie

    Garden Accessory

    The standard tree rose tie is perfect for supporting standard tree roses. It is important to stake standard tree roses when planting as this provides strength and support for the stem. The super soft flexible rubber tie is ideal for attaching the stake to the tree stem because it is easy to adjust and helps to prevent damage to the young stem.

    Colour: Black   Size: L30 x W3cm

    • Flexible soft rubber prevents damage
    • Easy to adjust
    • Use with a stake to provide strength
    • Sold singly
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  2. Felco Long Handled Loppers

    Felco Long Handled Loppers

    Garden Accessory

    These long handled Felco loppers are ideal for removing mature stems and woody branches. The lightweight aluminium alloy handles and hardened steel anvil blade are comfortable to use and provide a clean, precise cut. Shock absorbers protect wrists and arms and a curved cutting head makes pruning work easier.

    Colour: Red handles   Size: Length 80cm

    • Lightweight and easy to use
    • Aluminium alloy handles
    • Hardened steel anvil blade
    • Shock absorbers
    • Curved cutting head and cutting adjustment

    Alternative size: Felco Medium Handled Loppers

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  1. Galvanised Straining Wire

    Galvanised Straining Wire

    Garden Accessory

    Our galvanised straining wire is perfect for training climbing and rambling roses up a wall, fence or doorway to create a stunning feature. The strong, rust proof galvanised wire can cover large areas, supporting roses as they mature.

    Colour: Silver   Size: L20m x D2mm

    • Strong, galvanised wire
    • Rust proof
    • Use with vine eyes and tensioner to hold wire in place and prevent sagging
    • Use to support climbing and rambling roses on walls or fences
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  2. Rose Pruning Sleeves

    Rose Pruning Sleeves

    Garden Accessory

    Handmade in Shropshire, our durable, premium suede rose pruning sleeves have been specifically designed for working with roses. The combination of the hardwearing, extended suede sleeve and neatly fitting fabric cuff ensures wrists and forearms are protected from even the most treacherous of thorns.

    Colour: Heritage brown   Size: One size

    • Extended sleeve to protect forearms
    • Hardwearing heritage suede leather
    • Designed specifically for working with roses
    • Comfortable and warm
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  1. Medium Briers Everyday Glove

    Medium Briers Everyday Glove

    Garden Accessory

    The comfort and quality of these premium, everyday gloves protect against thorns while allowing great dexterity. An ideal rose gardening companion, the flexible material and adjustable velcro wrist strap provide a comfy fit for nimble fingers. With additional protection on stress points – thumb, forefinger and fingertips, they are perfect for frequent use and particularly effective when working with roses.

    Colour: Grey and black   Size: Medium

    • Premium everyday gardening gloves
    • Remain flexible after drying
    • Stretchable and breathable back for cooler comfort
    • Adjustable velcro wrist strap for guaranteed comfortable fit
    • Extra protection on stress points

    Alternative size: Large Briers Everyday Glove

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  2. Compost Scoop

    Compost Scoop

    Garden Accessory

    Our stainless steel compost scoop is the perfect size for potting and planting your roses. The polished stainless steel finish is highly resistant to rust and a sturdy leather hanging cord allows for tidy storage. The deeply dished head lets you pick up a generous measure of compost while the high back and sides keep quantities in place on the scoop.

    Size: Length 30cm

    • Perfect for potting and planting
    • Robust, stainless steel
    • Generous scoop size
    • Hanging cord for storage
    • Lifetime guarantee
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  1. Ladies' Groundbreaker Spade

    Ladies' Groundbreaker Spade

    Garden Accessory

    Our ladies' groundbreaker spade has a pointed, sharpened head, which slices easily through the most challenging ground. The stainless steel head is rust-resistant with wide comfort treads at the top of the blade to prevent any discomfort to feet, allowing you to dig deep. The solid ash handle is topped with a comfortable 'Y' grip and double riveted at the base for strength. Ideal for preparing the ground for planting roses.

    Size: Length 100cm

    • Pointed, sharpened head
    • Double riveted base
    • Solid ash handle with ‘Y’ grip for comfort
    • Robust stainless steel blade
    • Comfort treads for precision digging

    Alternative size: Men's Groundbreaker Spade

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  2. Deadheading Snips

    Deadheading Snips

    Garden Accessory

    These unique deadheading snips provide outstanding comfort, grip and control and are ideal for removing any finished roses, encouraging new blooms. The carbon steel, scissor action blades retain a sharp edge over prolonged use. Easy to use, the index finger loop improves control and stability while the comfortable shape nestles in the palm of your hand.

    Colour: Dark green handles   Size: Length 22cm

    • Forged carbon steel
    • Scissor action blades
    • Ergonomic shape
    • Finger loop
    • 10 year guarantee
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  1. Pruning Saw

    Pruning Saw

    Garden Accessory

    This folding pruning saw gives you the cutting power of a bow saw in a handy pocket size. The tempered carbon steel blade retains its sharpness while the triple teeth cutting faces provide incredible cutting performance - even on the toughest stems. The blade locks securely, folding away neatly into the handle. Designed to work primarily on the pull stroke it is excellent for overhead work needed for climbing and rambling roses.

    Colour: Orange and black handle   Size: Blade length 14cm

    • Hardened high-carbon steel blade for lasting sharpness
    • Triple teeth cutting power
    • Folding blade with secure blade lock
    • Comfortable grip
    • Pocket size
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  2. Moss Green Kneelo Kneeling Pad

    Moss Green Kneelo Kneeling Pad

    Garden Accessory

    This Kneelo™ kneeling pad is perfectly cushioned for protecting your knees and clothes when caring for roses at ground level. Ideal for mulching, planting and working comfortably around the garden for extended periods. A deep layer of shock absorbing EVA foam is sandwiched between two layers of memory foam for premium comfort. Covered with a waterproof, neoprene outer this kneeler is durable and practical.

    Colour: Moss green   Size: W50 x D30 x H4cm

    • EVA and memory foam cushion layer
    • Waterproof
    • Quick dry, wipe clean nylon coating
    • Generously sized
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  1. Moss Green Kneelo Knee Pads

    Moss Green Kneelo Knee Pads

    Garden Accessory

    The unique design of these durable Kneelo™ knee pads ensures protection for your knees when caring for roses by providing comfort and flexibility. Perfect for mulching, planting and tasks that require working comfortably at ground level for extended periods. A shock absorbing EVA foam is sandwiched between two layers of cushioning memory foam and covered with a neoprene outer that is practical and waterproof. Secured with fully adjustable hook and loop straps these knee pads are ideal when you have lots of roses to deal with.

    Colour: Moss green   Size: One size

    • EVA and memory foam cushion layer
    • Waterproof
    • Quick dry, wipe clean nylon coating
    • Adjustable hook and loop straps
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  2. Jute Twine Ball

    Jute Twine Ball

    Garden Accessory

    This natural coloured twine is the perfect companion for tying-in roses. Made from natural plant fibres, the biodegradable jute is garden friendly and safe to compost. The warm, natural tone of the twine will complement the earthy colours and soft hues of your garden as well as providing discreet support for your roses.

    Colour: Natural brown   Size: Length 160m

    • Natural colour
    • Made from plant fibres
    • Bio-degradable and safe to compost
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