Grow your collection of English Roses

Bring a little sunshine to your garden or outdoor space by adding to your collection of english roses

Roses make a show-stopping addition to any garden. With their large, fragrant and totally fabulous blooms they make even the novice gardener appear to be a green fingered goddess.

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Growing your

collection OF ROSES

Once you have grown your first English Rose the only problem you will have is deciding which rose to add next to your emerging collection. Each rose has its own unique character. Why not collect by colour, by name, or simply select a variety perfect for a specific spot.

The Easy Care Collection

These ladies are tough, tolerant and happy to go with the flow, perfect for an easy addition to any flowerbed or patio pot.

The Garden Greats Collection

Shining bright, these treasures are long established, much loved favourites found in gardens worldwide. 

The Shade Collection

Don't put these ladies in the dark, although shade tolerant, these ladies still need a few hours of sunlight a day to bloom brightly. 

The Literary Collection

English Roses inspired by literary works. From modern authors including Roald Dahl, Emily Brontë and Thomas Hardy to the works of Shakespeare, Arcadia, and the Canterbury Tales, these rose varieties are are all named after inspiring literary classics.

The Fragrance Collection

Roses are renowned for their delicious fragrances; however, some varieties are much more fragrant than others.

The Royal Collection

Distinctly regal in every way these roses with royal heritage will bring a bit of majesty to any flower bed or garden border. Alternatively pot up a princess for a bit of patio pageantry.

Cocktail Hour

Plant up your own fragrant cocktail garden and enjoy an evening tipple surrounded by roses.