Planting with Pink Roses

Pink is the master of adaptability. Simply by planting with different combinations of pink roses you can create a myriad of styles. Create soft sugary pathways flanked by delicate blossom pinks, plant a fun, fruity border with fuchsia and orange, or take a more regal approach to pink by combining rich magentas and red-pink jewel tones. Classic and forever a firm favourite, pink is the colour that comes in every shade imaginable.

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GERTRUDE JEKYLL® (Ausbord) English Climbing Rose Bred By David Austin
GERTRUDE JEKYLL® (Ausbord) English Climbing Rose Bred By David Austin


The contrast and variation of green foliage is the secret to why pink roses work well, without being overly fussy. Touches of grounding green and glimpses of bold red growth add a toughness to a classic pink rose bed. The green of the leaves, symbolising nature and heritage, coupled with petals of vintage pink is a palette worthy of any country home interior. Just as you would select a colour palette when designing a room, browse our website or the back of this handbook and select your perfect shade of petals.